Mark Prunty


Mark, Licensee salesperson, Murder mystery novelist, Phone repair shop owner operator

My favourite place to relax is anywhere with a pint, ideally with an episode of Frasier
If I could live anywhere, it would probably be too warm. Haha just kidding. Maybe Invercargill.
My dream client is realistic and appreciates a good soliloquy.
If I was a superhero, I’d be Mr Freeze from the 1997 blockbuster Batman and Robin. “Let’s kick some ice!” Classic.
I want to be taller ‘when I grow up’
My favourite subject at school was ‘A History of British Invasion, Volume 38F: How to prepare for the next one.’
I get a real kick when I use a word I don’t understand. Makes me feel very serendipitous.
My go-to fancy dress costume is real estate agent, so far nobody has noticed.
My on-screen husband/wife would be Mrs. Doubtfire
I’d want Helen Mirren to play me in a movie of my life. Failing that, Terry Crews.
The song that best sums me up is anything by One Direction, specifically the early material. Or Mambo No.5.
If I had a warning label, it would say ‘Just don’t chew loudly and we’ll be friends forever’
Ten years ago I was actually taller, somehow. 10 years ago Tim was 57, don’t believe his lies.
When I retire I will be able to drink in the mornings, but without having to go to work after.
I am the most likely ‘Local’ to be on time.