Alyssa Cullen


Alyssa, Licensee salesperson, Luxury Catamaran Owner Wannabe

My favourite place to relax is a lovely spa with a steam room
If I could live anywhere, it would be in a renovated house with a lovely pool. Yes, I’m still renovating my bungalow.
My dream client owns 50 rentals they want to sell
If I was a super-hero, I’d be able to fly and shoot out laser beams
I want to be a landscape gardener ‘when I grow up’
My favourite subject at school was Japanese
I get a real kick when I manage to grow something
My go-to fancy dress costume is a dress, headband, and feathers
My on-screen husband would be Jason Statham
I’d want Alyssa Milano to play me in a movie of my life
The song that best sums me up is Innerbloom by Rufus Du Sol
If I had a warning label, it would say ‘Do not disturb early’
Ten years ago I was pregnant
When I retire I will probably go mad while having lots of fun
I am the most likely ‘Local’ to have my kids in tow at a viewing.