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Our services

Owning and maintaining a rental property is a specialised business. A professional property manager works in the best interests of you, the property owner, and has the time, knowledge and expertise to effectively manage your property on your behalf.

Your property manager has to act as your eyes and ears so establishing a relationship based on trust, being easy to contact and keeping you up to date with all pertinent matters relating to your property are our top priorities. We are readily available via phone or email whether in the office or on the road and we also operate a 24 hour mobile number so a Duty Manager is available at all times to handle emergencies. In fact we’re so confident of the quality of our property management service we guarantee it in writing - see Our Guarantees.

Our Guarantees

Have a look at our guarantees... At The Locals we believe actions speak louder than words. It’s very easy to make promises but our commitment is to 100% guarantee our performance in writing. When you engage our services we guarantee we will do what we promise:

Every prospective tenant is screened. Landlord, character and employment reference checks are carried out and credit checks will be done before we assign any tenancy.

Zero tolerance for rent arrears - we check rental payments every banking day.

Your property is inspected regularly and you will receive written reports detailing condition and a recommended maintenance programme.

All rent and monies collected on your behalf are held in a non-interest bearing Trust account.

A full property inspection including over 100 photos is undertaken at the outset of every tenancy - all ingoing tenants sign off on our detailed ingoing inspection.

Rental receipts will be direct credited to your bank account on the first working day of the month (twice monthly if requested).

A full property inspection is undertaken at the completion of each tenancy. Any disputes are handled on the Landlords behalf.

Statements will be sent to you via mail or email by the 5th working day of every month.

If maintenance is required that is over and above the agreed limit we will check with you and obtain quotes before proceeding.

As members of REINZ and LPMNZ we follow these codes of practice.

We offer you a “money back guarantee” of three months free management if we do not live up to any of our guarantees!

Our Fees - No hidden costs, no surprises!

We do not believe in hidden costs or surprise deductions from your rent payments so our fee structure is very straightforward. Fees have been set in order to cover all the various costs involved in managing a property.

Our fees are charged at 8.5% on rent as it is collected. That's the only management charge you will ever see deducted from your rent.

There are NO extra charges for things such as quarterly inspections, advertising and administration or any disbursement fees for insurance, body corp. bills, rates or maintenance organised and paid on your behalf. We are well aware these add on charges can be substantial and difficult to plan for and to us these jobs are part and parcel of looking after your property.

Fees will only be charged whilst the property is tenanted – so if you’re not receiving rent we aren’t getting paid – it only seems fair!

Switch to the locals

If you already have a property management company working for you don’t worry! Many landlords feel uncomfortable making a change, even if they’re not happy with the service they are receiving, but we can assist you with that. We are very experienced in handling these transitions and will take care of everything for you.

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